Monday, December 13, 2010

Moving slowly

So I realize I haven't had an update in over a month. There really hasn't been much to update. Right now in order to finalize our Homestudy we are waiting on the FBI to clear us. We submitted our fingerprints at the beginning of October! So we are waiting on that as well as making our way through the required 10 hours of online adoption training. We have 2 hours left to do! It's actually been really helpful. And although it feels like it's taking forever to get through the required readings and videos, I'm glad that we are doing it. We are learning a lot about what the effects are on a child that has been in an orphanage and some expectations we should have in bringing our child home. It's been sobering but good.

Once we have our Homestudy completed we will then be able to start moving forward as fast as we are able to pay for things. We are unable to start applying for financial aid and grants without a completed Homestudy. So the plan is start applying for those things as soon as this Homestudy thing is done. Still not really sure what the timing will look like of when we get matched up with our child and when we get to bring him home. It's be expecting, but not know the due date. The planner and decorator in me is ready to work on the nursery...patience =)