Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fundraiser Dinner

One of the amazing things about this whole process, specifically paying for it, is seeing the different ways the Lord has provided the money for each step of the way. To date, we have received $17, 500...this includes our fundraiser yard sale back in September, donations from people, and grants. This does not even include our t-shirt money which we are hoping will add another $1,000. And we have yet another opportunity to see the Lord continue to help us bring our son home...

Some friends of ours who have a heart for what we are doing are coming together to put on a fundraiser dinner. So mark your Wednesday, June 1st, Paul's Oyster Bar will be hosting a fundraiser dinner and they are being incredibly generous by giving a portion of the evening's proceeds to help fund our adoption. If you can make it, our family plans on getting there at 5:30 but you can come whenever and we will be hanging out on the deck where there will be live music. If you come be sure to tell the cashier that you are there for us!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


It was a year ago that we seriously started considering adoption and started our research. We quickly found the numbers, the cost of the process, to be quite intimidating. While talking over dinner one evening after receiving info from one agency we talked about how the cost was just too high, how would we ever come up with that amount. Then my sweet son who has heard conversations like this before (usually having to do with buying Legos) then said, "Well, it must be too expensive, guess we can't do it." It was in the moment that followed that the Lord encouraged us with truth to push onto the next step, as He as done many times in the months to follow. We were reminded that all the money in the world belongs to Him. He has a heart for the fatherless. We felt certain that He was leading us to bring home our next child through adoption. Therefore...He could make it happen.

Well, here we are about a year later and He is making it happen. I am completely blown away by this whole process. Just a month ago we were still lacking well over half of the funds we needed. And in just a few weeks time...the Lord has shown us that we are to keep moving forward. We found out last week that we received a grant of $5,000 from ShowHope. After looking at our numbers that night we saw that we have in hand(in the bank from contributions or in grants), what is needed to pay our next two fees...$2,300 to the agency to complete our dossier and $8,500 for the Congo program. Crazy. I kept looking at the numbers...amazed. 

So, it gets even better...I emailed our case worker the other night and told her that basically our paperwork for the dossier is complete minus what we are waiting for from immigration and that we have the money to move forward. She then responds and tells me to go ahead and send in what we have for the dossier, we would just add the immigration clearance when it comes in AND that she is putting us on THE LIST...she is putting us on the list to wait to be matched up to the referral of a baby boy...our son!!