Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

That's what we've been doing. A few things have happened since my last update...God has continued to provide...money has continued to come in and we now have received $25,500!  Depending on travel costs and a few other unknowns this should be close to what we need.  Recapping where this has come from...our fundraising yard sale, t-shirt sales and dinner at Paul's Oyster Bar.  We have also received grants through ShowHope and Lifesong.  Finally, many friends and family around us have graciously and sacrificially joined us in the effort to bring home our son. We have been blown away by God's goodness and people's generosity.  Every time we receive a check...we are in awe. God is determined to bring home this little guy!

We were put on the waiting list in the beginning of May. Last month I checked in with our caseworker to see where we were in the process and we were at the number 12 on the list. Got an email from her this morning saying we are close to the top of the list....don't really know what that means exactly, but it does mean we are closer!

At this point all we can do is wait.  The majority of our paperwork has been completed and we have to get a few immunizations before we travel.  That is about it though.  Please be in prayer for us as we wait on God's perfect timing and prepare for our son's arrival.


  1. Noelle!!!!! God is SO good! Oh I am just in awe of how God is working! I am praying for a haste in moving up that list. I am excited for you and Kevin and those sweet kiddos of yours who will love their new brother. Already waiting for the next outcome! Praying for your youngest son's health and safety. Love you!

  2. Close to the top! Well, that's isn't 12th...so things are progressing. :) So exciting. Still praying and can't wait to meet your little boy!

  3. Oh, sweet friend! Crazy-excited for you!

  4. Hi there! I'm so happy I found your blog! Another One World family! woot woot!
    My husband and I are also with One World. We went on the waitlist in the beginning of June.
    We are super excited!
    I need to go back and read your blog so I can find out the details of your adoption!
    Kathleen Ellis

  5. You should check your number again, I bet you have jumped up again!